FAQ for the Crü

What is Whats-Nü?

Whats-Nü is a contemporary retail space located in vibrant Davis Square which opened its doors in October of 2012.  Our goal is to meet the needs of the extended community by providing peopleware, accessories, art and lifestyle goods at refreshingly accessible prices, while offering a great opportunity for local fashion and accessory designers, artisans, and artists (our Crü) to showcase their wares.

What is its raison d'être?

We feel it is vital to the community to not only buy locally, but to buy items that are designed and/or produced as locally as possible.  We are pleasantly surprised and excited by the amount of creativity and quality workmanship that we are constantly finding locally, and want to devote year-round space for people to discover for themselves what their, well, creative neighbors are doing.  And what better feeling than knowing your supporting your community while benefiting from a great product!

We also recognize that for many designers & artisans, having your own shop, or repeatedly participating in short-term pop-up stores, is pricey, By sharing the costs of rental, marketing, etc. among the Crü, it becomes much more feasible to participate longer-term.

Who can become a Crü member?

Although anyone may apply to become a Crü member, the Whats-Nü editorial team will make the final decisions. Some things that are considered:

  • Do your items have a high degree of "design integrity"?
  • For functional items, is the design truly usable?
  • Does the workmanship and production have a high level of quality?
  • How "sell"-able are your items in terms of both price-point and desirability for the local clientele?
  • Are your wares made locally/USA?
  • Are your wares eco-friendly/"green"?
  • How quickly can you re-stock a sold item?
  • How flexible and easy to are you to work with?
  • Can you occasionally meet directly with customers?
  • Are you able to customize your work?

What are the benefits of being a Crü member?

Our varied products and services appeal to a wide audience, providing an opportunity for you to test your retail concepts in front of a diverse community while increasing your brand awareness and customer base. In other words, a great, inexpensive marketing opportunity!

What else?

  • Your branded marketing material adjacent to your product
  • Participate, grow and collaborate with other members
  • Get useful feedback to help improve sales
  • Valuable group marketing and beyond
  • Free eCommerce site “featured product”
  • Offer customization? We can help you and your client connect
  • For apparel designers, our staff is trained to take measurements for alterations.

More options:

  • Ability to hold/participate in trunk shows
  • Participate in our main window display
  • Add more items to our eCommerce store
  • More to follow as we grow...

What if I prefer straight wholesale?

There may be circumstances under which we will take on a small amount of wholesale, but that is not the norm.

So, what are the actual costs involved?

We have very affordable consignment rates.  For more information, please apply so that we have a better sense of what you produce, and we can give you pricing.

Are there other fees?

Each member will have one item featured on the Whats-Nü home page. Notably, since the Whats-Nü site is built on a Shopify eCommerce base, members may also have their merchandise for sale in our eCommerce site. It is up to the member to provide images and descriptions for each item. There is a small maintenance fee for items added to the eCommerce site, and the 25% commission applies to eCommerce sales as well. Let us know if you're interested in adding your items to our site!

Who is behind Whats-Nü?

Lena Gorczyca, the sole proprietor, and a designer in her own right, has also worked in retail for the past 4+ years, often as a buyer. Understanding the issues involved from both the designer and buyer perspective, she wanted to create a space, and an affordable opportunity, for the myriad talented local designers and artisans to showcase and sell their wares to the public, while still supporting the business itself. Her and her small team are the initial drivers, but the intent is to involve the Crü and community as well.