The Crü

Below, meet our current Crü of designers, artisans and artists.  In addition, we also carry:

- Groceries: Recycled/Organic/Repurposed/Made in LA

- Dear Creatures: Traditional elements with a modern, whimsical sensibility

- Ethos Paris: Equitable/100% Eco-friendly clothing/Designed in Paris/Sweatshop-free

- Earth Creations: Sustainable fibers/Socially responsible/Made in USA

- Menk: Sportswear for urban men/Made in San Francisco

- Zkano: Be Good/Feel Good/Organic cotton socks/Made in the USA

- Lur: Fashion for change/Sustainabale women's apparel/Socially responsible/Green America

- Global Mamas: Sustainable cotton clothing/Fair trade/Women co-op in Ghana 

- Anni Kuan: Timeless designs for women

- Echo Verde: Ethical sourcing, production & sustainability

and more...

AlenA Designs

The visual simplicity and effortless fit of AlenA Designs belies the attention to detail given every piece, which is made to gently mold, slim and elongate, helping every woman to look and feel her best.

Designed and made in the USA using eco-friendly fabrics with a touch of Lycra for utmost comfort.

Fox & Brie

Limited edition bow ties, neckties & pocket squares.
Handcrafted in Austin, Texas.

Blue Canoe

Life. Style.
All day. Every day.
Organically grown cotton and bamboo.
Made in San Francisco.

Kathryn Hansis

Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Kathryn has been making jewelry ever since her first job at a small bridal shop in Saugus where she was taught by an amazing woman and mentor. In addition to her jewelry designs, Kathryn also works with paper materials and creates collages, note cards, and mini-books, as well various other fine art and craft projects.

David Barnes

David Barnes has worked as a photographic artist since 2000, focusing on increasingly abstract images of the human form. Recently, he began experimenting with multiple-exposure photographs: first with two overlapping positive images, then combining a positive image with a silhouette, and most recently his double-silhouettes. He has also received two fellowships to the MacDowell artist colony and grants from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and Pew Charitable Trust.

Carey Dion

Carey has been designing and sewing women's clothing for twenty years. She hand-makes all of the garments in her studio located in Sterling, Massachusetts. Carey tries to design clothing that is classic, not trendy, so the pieces can be worn for years. They are often inspired by Asian or vintage clothing. These unique details add to the timeless look of each garment.

Helen Eddy

A little over fifteen years ago, Helen Eddy introduced a line of photo greeting cards at the Boston Gift Show, a semi-annual trade show where she had been exhibiting her graphic artwork on cards for some time. The photo line took off, and day*star, her card and gift manufacturing business, is now known for its images of Boston. Seeing beauty in other places, Helen found a niche in photographing New England towns; she now has photographed over two hundred towns in New England.


Ragrok Watches has been around since March 2010. Ragrok+Raodee watch project is a collaboration between Ragrok watches and Roadee Rekloos of the Cambridge street artist crew Rekloos  

Artifact Soapworks

Handmade soaps and shampoo bars made with healthy skin promoting vegetable oils in wonderful scents and shapes sometimes fun, always practical.

B&P Fun-Forward Fashion

Comfortable, very wearable, with a touch of quirkiness, B&P fashions are always fun


Established in 2012, Jegman makes neck ties for the uncommon man. They strive to help men accentuate their personalities via fashionable goods. For guys who want to purchase distinctive, handcrafted neck ties.

Sculpture to Wear

Ilana states "My creations combine a sense of fun and purpose with essential interests from my past. As a kid, I wanted to be an architect when I grew up - now I make miniature buildings. I've always been drawn to mathematical concepts - now they inform my art, as in the miniature mobius strips I make."

Sewn Delights

Kim Bloomfield creates custom sewn products. Each piece is handcrafted, and is a one of a kind. 


TeePearls are accessories knotted and knitted from tee shirts that have been recycled into yarn. From an easily washable beach ready piece to a stand-in for metal jewelry that feels cold in the winter, these lightweight accessories are great for any season or occasion.